A Brief Personal Review

Crossing Bayou Teche

This is a fascinating human story of how a person is formed, for better or worse, in the environs of family. It is a story of one woman's journey of love, missed and discovered. The book is just as likely to bring tears as chuckles with the familial ambience that moves the reader from one side of the continent to the other and beyond. It travels across one seemingly opposite world into another, bringing along ample drama and surprises. 

Reading this memoire knits you into the fabric of family, the matrix of growing up, and the intimate outline of a transformative personal journey. Vivid detailed descriptions locate you in the geography of a small southern town and take you across great cultural and social divides and the swamp of feelings that haunt a person from childhood, through adolescence, and into adulthood. The author charms you into her odyssey by juxtaposing major life events and her determination to become the person she believes she was meant to be. 

Glenn Currier August 18, 2021

Melanie Durand Grossman