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Poem List: 2022 May-August

On the Road            Print this poem only

So many “road stories”

from the Odyssey, and Kerouac, to Augustine.

Each rich in emotion and spirit

most of the stories

have the hero hitched to a fellow traveler

to bathe the soul in word and mood

to throb with the music.


I have recurring dreams.

I’m in a hotel looking for an elevator

can’t find my floor or room

or can’t find my car downtown.

I wander streets, and lots.

Are there road stories hidden in these dreams?


Why do I trip, fall

stay misplaced and lost

find only




Written 5-7-22

On the Road.JPG

The Birdfeeder              Print this poem only

There’s a concert in my back yard

solos and duets all day

a circus with acrobatics

clowns painted with reds, blues and browns

just feet from my perch

here as I peck on the  keys

the stars fly in

then flit away with ease

as if to tell me:

you can’t hold me long

with your seeds and your eyes

we are free to dive the skies.


Author’s Note: With gratitude to John Wiley and his poem, “Kookaburra” - https://hellopoetry.com/poem/4547160/kookaburra/  - the inspiration for this poem.


Written 5-12-22

bird feeder.JPG

Yoyo            Print this poem only


One moment I am high

with the light of soulfulness within.

The next I am down

in the clutch of desire

and enticements.


Written 5-14-22


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