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Poem List: 2022 September-December

The New Day             Print this poem only


I push through the fog of doubt

convinced on the other side

is the light of day

clear and bright.


I see your action in my life

and feel it as surely as the air sweeps into my lungs

when I wake and my body moves

into the new day.

Written 10-6-22

Fog into light.JPG

Navigating            Print this poem only


We come from different regions.

He is from a land stretching from a mystic desert

through rivered green hills

atop eon-deposited bands of coal

ending on the shores of a mighty ocean.


I from swamps and warm southern coastal climes

from a father who saw with urban eastern eyes

both parents merging into deep flowing rivers

full of lifegiving nutrients and radiant spirits

but I too ending on that same mighty sea.


We steer our separate vessels

our hands firmly on our singular tills

but each with the same cosmic navigator

merging our journeys into a brilliant universe

full of multi-colored nebulas and planets,

but our star sheds upon we two pilgrims

a potent lively light.


Written 9-5-22

steering wheel of boat.JPG
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