In the present moment:

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conversation with God, Universe, Cosmos, Love

Note from the co-creator

These poems were written during or in connection with my journaling process. I write my journals as a letter to and in conversation with my higher power which I choose to call God. He is the creator of the Universe but I consider my creative process to be in association with creation (Universe), thus the term: co-creator. It's okay. After all, we were created in God's (Love's) image.


Glenn Currier  -  Editor and owner

October 5, 2022


Poem List: In the present moment

And yet…            Print this poem only

Here I am this tiny planet
garnering your full attention

and yet

you pulse in every nebula
explode in every star in my galaxy.

I in my small orbit
around this rich spacious solar system
breathe only this oxygen
but with each breath you exhale a universe.

and yet

you inhale
every impulse of my mind with ease
suspend yourself in every particles of my soul
with such love.

I a mere ion
swirl in the plasma circulating
in the heart of your love.

I beat there with the firm rhythm of Marley
and the sweet strains of Debussy
I jangle in the metal bracelets of my first piano teacher
who taught me to play Rhomberg
and urged me to write my first poem.

You are infinite

and yet

so personal to me.

Written 10-5-22

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