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"This memoire is a fascinating human story of how a person is formed, for better or worse, in the environs of family."

"The author pulled me into her world describing the onslaught of feelings, from dread, confusion, and angst to curiosity, excitement, and inadequacy."

"As I read the book it soon became clear that it is also a story of one person's journey of love: a yearned-for love of parents, and love tentatively begun near the banks of a  Louisiana bayou and the waters of the town swimming pool."

"This work checks all the boxes of what a memoire ought to be. It is intelligent, literary, and heart-warming. It pulls the readers into a story they can relate to."  

About the Author

       Melanie Durand Grossman is a writer, author, researcher and gerontologist. Her latest work, Crossing Bayou Teche, is a charming memoire and engaging story told around several themes and important events and periods in her life. She describes her childhood and adolescence in the small, out of the way town of St. Martinville, Louisiana. Her narrative is gripping and she displays her literary prowess in her descriptions of places, feelings, and people who influenced her the most, including her parents who were of French and Cajun descent. Religion played a key role especially in her early life but affected her throughout her adventurous quest to become the person she thought she was meant to be.  

       In addition to her memoire, Doctor Grossman was co-author and researcher of several academic/scientific articles in the field of gerontology.


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Melanie Durand Grossman

Copyright  2021 by Melanie Durand Grossman


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All proceeds from sales of this book will go to a non-profit organization in St. Martinville, Louisiana

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