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Poems About Family and Friends

The Marathoner       Print this poem only


What is a marathoner?

The dictionary has it as

someone who participates

in long-distance races.


Is it the measured miles

and calibrated time

slope of the hills, bends in the route

that make a marathoner?


Or is it about heart?


Seemingly small choices

each minute of the race?


If that is the measure of a marathoner

I know such a participant.

He gathers his spirit

rises, enters, engages.


A faithful pioneer of practical wisdom

disciplined by stumbles, returns, recoveries,

day by day, week by week,

decades of new beginnings.


Not a solitary man doing as he pleases

he runs with us

glances back, spurs and nurtures

reaches us with a hand up.


Some notice his sardonic humor

or his impish grin

but within, a man of value,

a gentle disciple of listening.


A husband,

fathering many a man,

we have needed

the faithful service

splashed upon our path

by this




Author’s Note:  Dedicated to my dear friend Ed Stofko


“The Marathoner,” Copyright 2010 by Glenn Currier

Written March 23, 2010

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