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2004 Poems

  • Bonnie

Bonnie        Print this poem only


Bonnie traveled this life

soulfully and boldly

never flinching

never inching

always full throttle.


Common and standard

not the vocabulary

of this wild child

who lead with her heart

who said what she thought.


She was a caravan of dreams

spoken in laughter and screams

a blazing galloping train

entering the room with a bang.

And beyond our understanding

she lived life with abandon.


The logo of her fashion

was a heart full of passion.

Never met a stranger.

Don’t dare try to change her.


The phone line was her lasso

from Memphis to El Paso

every customer a friend

kick the competition’s rear end.


Don’t get on her train

unprepared for a strain.

Not much for quiet

her wit was a riot

an adrenaline pumper

of a daredevil jumper .


Bonnie was a mystery to us

one minute she’d cuss

the next she would cry

her compassion and try

to help those around

whose up had come down.


Maybe she didn’t rhyme

with all of us all the time

standing out from the crowd

not quite escaping her cloud.

Neither shy nor soft spoken-

maybe like us a bit broken

not all wires perfect inside

not always free of our pride.


But like us she had a pure soul

sparkling, beautiful, and whole

and life could not destroy

that little girl full of joy.


Our hearts bowed with sadness

await a piece of her gladness.

We pause for  goodbyes

tears of grief in our eyes

but know she is shouting

Stop all that pouting,

Celebrate life, soak it in

don’t stay where you’ve been

gamble on bliss

give a hug get a kiss

and remember I’m glad

to be here with my dad.


Bonnie, you taught us.

Your big spirit caught us

with all of its power.

Your love was a flower

planted in hope’s soil.

Anoint us with the oil

of forgiveness and love

and save us a spot up above.

Give flight to our shame

vanish the blame

that has dogged us too long

make right all the wrongs.


So we part for a while

with a tear and a smile

and a grip full of care

till we meet you up there.


Author's Note: My dear cousin Bonnie Polo died January 30, 2004. We were close. This poem is dedicated to her.

Written January 31, 2004

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