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Blog vs Forum?

I feel so ignorant trying to figure out the blog and forum features on my site. So I ask your indulgence as I try to work through this technology. Originally I thought the blog would mostly be a way to describe my spiritual journey, but I am now thinking it might be the best way to just talk about the site and my creative process as a website developer - especially since now allows comments on the blog. I might do away with the forum altogether.

Finding my mistakes...

The other day I was looking for a poem that I had written for my cousin Marcia who passed away recently. I didn't remember what year I wrote it or the title so I had to review most of my multi-page website. During that review I saw all kinds of things that needed attention like the large spaces I had built in for future insertion of pictures or images. I found duplication of poems on two years, and other embarrassing mistakes. I could see that lots of review and clean up was needed.

If you have viewed very much of my site, you can see how things change from one year to the next. That is because I get new ideas as I continue to post poems and make pages for new years. My method has been to start with the most current years and work backward. Now I'm on the second four-month section of 2011. I am making slow progress. Therefore, actually the earlier years will be the most current in terms of the features I have included.

Please make suggestions in the comments section of this blog so I can continue to improve my site. Any other comments are also appreciated.

Thanks for reading!


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