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little star        Print this poem only


Lost in the middle of my brain

searching for the star that is mine

wandering my tiny universe

when yours is Beauty beyond beauty,

Galaxies of Stars

not just out there in the sky beyond

but right here on this fecund planet

I call home. 


Right here in the neighborhood

my neighbors circling in their small orbits

also wanderers like me

right here on the streets and homes

in the cities filled with constellations

all creatures of your rich heart.


But to remember the Source

of all these orbits, these particularities

to know with certainty it is here on this page

where you and I unite

to never get this off me, out of me,

this union, this sensuous bonding

beyond the puny senses -

that is the fight

the test of my humanity

the struggle of spirit -

to locate and abide in THE Spirit

holy and wholly present

right here, right now

in the middle of my brain

in all its regions

and beyond.

Written 1-5-19      [Note: This poem is also found on this page: 2019 January-April]















Pirates        Print this poem only


Pirates have come to this meadow

smiling a beguiling smile I know not why

probably because I’m such easy pickings

to steal away my attention 

and take it like booty back to their ship

and sail away to parts unknown

with my small treasure.  


Here and now is where I need to be

here and now I discover how

to enter your heart 

feel its warmth and love

anchor myself there 

in preparation for the next invasion.


All I need to do is rest easy here in your presence

feel the coolness of the grass on my back,

look at the clouds, get lost beyond the blue

into the loving universe that is you.  

I need not know what to say

or how to present my self

due to the depth of our intimacy

and you know the stars

and the black holes

where I try to escape your embrace.

But you do not let me go.

You inspire me

if I but breathe in

the rich ions of your spirit.  


Written 1-3-19














Print this poem only


You are a sparkling fountain

surging from your deep 

with unimaginable force 

gushing out into the universe

and soaking the soil 

where I spend my tiny days

and do my planting

for the meager crops I raise.

Written 1-3-19

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