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My favorite book about writing poetry is one by Richard Hugo, The Triggering Town.  This book has had a huge influence on my style of writing.  Hugo says:

Your triggering subjects are those that ignite your need for words. When you are honest to your feelings, that triggering town chooses you. Your words used your way will generate your meanings. Your obsessions lead you to your vocabulary. Your way of writing locates, even creates, your inner life. The relation of you to your language gains power. The relation of you to the triggering subject weakens.



​​​​My Heart          Print this poem only


Tomorrow makes its way into the history

of my heart – always a mystery to me

it is full of people, music, feeling, and strain

a morsel of ache and moments of drain

it has taken me

walked and run

from rising to setting sun

from shame to grace

from a lower to a higher place.


This old heart has filled me with tears

of sadness, joy, faith and fears

awe and anger, glorious heights

lowly dark and bruising disgust

love full of passion, pain, and trust.


Touched by victories over incredible odds

moved from darkness to cirrus gods

from squalls and brawls and angry shouting

snatched me from moments of demons and doubting.


Heart to beating heart in warm embraces

football in sandlots and youthful races

fearful greetings and tearful goodbyes

falling in love with her big brown eyes

heart to heart in evenings of sharing

from being apart to coupling and caring.


And so tomorrow I and my heart

go again for another new start

in the hands of healers

and angels from afar

whatever comes from this

if all is well or it goes amiss

I fear not whatever the course

for I have been - and will be - in the hands of the Source.

Written 4-10-19

Author's Note:

In April of 2019 I was hospitalized for observation while being put on a new drug for my heart arrhythmia. It was a more powerful drug, but it had possible side effects that they wanted to be able to observe in case there was a problem. As I write this note (7-10-20) it is more than a year after beginning on the new medication and it is working just great.








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