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Marilyn            Print this poem only


How did she live so very long?

She was simply a woman strong.

After her husband’s tragic demise

she had to find a way to arise.

Under great stress she had to stay calm

to survive as a single mom.


To a life of service she was called

teaching those with problems to stand tall

she was their mentor and wise guide

and stood by them with great pride.


In a world of hurt and cries

she had a certain twinkle in her eyes

a sense of humor brought a smile

to you if you knew her a while.


She raised a son and taught him well

in a tough world to survive and dwell,

to make his way as a man

to use his gifts the best he can.


Marilyn’s spirit was gentle and kind

and anger was not her usual state of mind.

She must have had angels who stood close by

and when she was down lifted her high.


And now she dwells somewhere in sky.

And when we hear a moan or a sigh

think of her and the beauty of her soul

and ask her to make you whole.

Author's Note: This poem was written in honor of Marilyn Ramos who was a friend of ours and a former colleague of Helen.  It was presented and read at the graveside ceremony of her funeral 8-28-20. Marilyn passed away 8-24-20.

Copyright 2020 by Glenn Currier

Written 8-27-20


Click here for remarks made at the visitation by Helen



Congratulations to my friend Glenn Currier with the introduction of his new web-site. It already shows his professionalism and great sensitivity. This will be a plus to whoever happens to stumble on it accidentally or is directed to it by a friend. His poems are from the heart and very inspiring, entertaining, happy, sad, all emotions shown in such a beautiful and special way. What a plus for poetry! 

Elizabeth Hobbs

Friend, poet and

lively creative


What can I say about Glenn Currier? First off he is a warm and inviting individual. For which I am extremely grateful. His friendship means the world to me.

As far as his poetry goes, he is masterful with his words. I love the way he so easily intertwines motion and emotion into every poem. Subjects such as light and darkness, right and wrong, pain and joy, faith and the lack thereof... all dance together eagerly across the page, delighting the reader with wonderment and pondering. Like a cool drink of water, all are extremely refreshed. It's my most earnest wish that his inkwell remain full.

Thanks to a mutual love of Poetry, Glenn Currier and I first met online at the related website, As a kindred spirit, what strikes me the most about his writing is his ‘straight from the heart’ honesty in expressing emotions and experiences. His dedication to ‘the craft,’ has allowed him to become proficient in both Rhyme and Free Verse. As a result, I always look forward to his latest literary creations. 


Chris Sorrenti (Ottawa, Canada)

Chris Sorrenti

Poet, Philosopher


James Kenneth Blalock, Poet, and author of
"Born With Our Clocks Running"



I write poetry for fun and fulfillment.  Much of it has a spiritual theme because that is the emphasis in my life right now. I used to be a professional educator but my retirement has gratefully given me the time and space to nurture the creative and spiritual side of myself.  

Some of my writing is about my relationships: with God, my wife, my friends, and family.  But I try to let my imagination reign.   I write from the space of my dreams, feelings, experiences, and spirit.

I love flowers, trees, and natural beauty.  As I look through my photos to insert in this site, many of the folders are from our travels and most of them are of landscapes, flora, and architectural features. There are scads of pictures of cats who have blessed our lives.  


The "our" in the above description is me and my wife to whom I've been married since 1969.  Many of my poems are about her and things I've learned from her and our relationship of more than 50 years. It is interesting see how poems I write about my higher power often could also be addressed to my wife and soulmate, Helen. 


Recently I have been writing a lot of rhyming poetry, partly influenced by my friend, Dave Bates, who has been a member of two poetry groups that I initiated.  I am a poor student of poetry, never having taken a course in it or studied it in detail.  I mostly just enjoy writing using a variety of approaches.  I write in blank verse and free verse, but also enjoy imposing a more traditional form on myself such as iambic pentameter or even haiku.  Much of my poetry is on the websites  and for which I am immensely grateful because there I can not only publish my poems, but get feedback from other poets as well as provide comments to others.  I do not often use fixed meter in my poems, instead, I rely on my own sense of rhythm in my writing.  I suppose my background in and love of music has helped me in this regard.  



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