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These poems have a Christian theme.  This page gives me the freedom to write poems that specifically refer to Jesus the Christ or to God.  Since Christians seem to be in the minority these days, these poems will not be everyone's cup of tea, they are, however, expressions of my faith in Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. I might use various forms with these poems including a more narrative approach. NOTE: Some of these poems might be repeated on other pages on this website.

Jesus Obeyed            Print this poem only


Hebrews 5:8 “And even though Jesus was God’s son, he had to learn from experience what it was like to obey when obeying meant suffering.” TLB


Jesus obeyed not because he feared the whip

he behaved not for fear of the grave

not because of some human script

but for the love of the Father he craved.


A parent who loves her beloved child,

suffers when her son or daughter runs wild.

Jesus had to learn and listen to his parents each day

through trial and error he learned to obey.


Jesus was sorrowful unto death
in the garden he sweated blood

wanted the cup to pass before his last breath

an angel bolstered him against the flood.


Thank God for sending us his beloved son

to show how obedient suffering is done

Father, send an angel to give us strength

to love and obey throughout life’s length.


Hebrews 5:7 “Yet while Christ was here on earth he pleaded with God, praying with tears and agony of soul to the only one who would save him from premature death. And God heard his prayers because of his strong desire to obey God at all times.”

Written 7-1-20

Jesus in garden.JPG
Jesus Obeyed

What Might?          Print this poem only

How can I sing of your might

how can I proclaim your height

you who are found in depth

in the quick and minute breadth

of a single second or cell

you who chooses to dwell

and grow in me so slowly

you so close to the lowly?


And yet I have known

the way my love has grown

for my lover in such a way

that I can safely say

over rugged terrain

through clear skies and rain

mighty the love of husband and wife

who through hurt and fear find life.


This might of love I can see

the kind that sets totally free

every moment of creation

from quiet or noise of gestation

to the final intake of breath

to whatever is beyond death

the might there in the dark of night

and in the dim dawning of light.


Your might is not in the force of power

but in thin folds of a flower

the kind it takes to give birth

or protect a child or the earth

to subdue the force of pride

put righteousness aside

the might in the wings of a dove

the might it takes to love. 


Written 2-23-15


Bound to Mercy          Print this poem only

By Glenn Currier and Roland Ruiz

I feel a loving presence all around

it seems it’s mercy in which I’m bound

I need not earn it even as I spurn it by day

but for grace each night before sleep, I pray.


If I do what I should, I’ll imitate the call

to mercy by day in ways big and small.

When someone irritates and gets under my skin

may I have the grace of mercy to extend.


For if I bind myself to my darker side

in that flaw and fault I’ll be tied,

tied as a slave to pain, so let mercy reign

that I may be bound to its freedom train.

I ask you Lord to give me strength in what we've come to face

To make it thru these horrid times our lives seem to enlace

The boundaries of your mercy lie within the shadow of our heart

Accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior is the course our ship must  chart

I pray each night your flock will accept the love you freely lavish

The pain the suffering effecting our world has become tarnish

God, the Son, the Holy Spirit is what this world does need

We shout it loud to the heavens above with mercy we plead


Editor's Note: The first three stanzas of this poem were written by Glenn Currier 11-14-19, the last two stanzas were written by Roland Ruiz and were added 7-5-20


The Decision         Print this poem only

This morning when I woke

comfortably lying in bed

feeling no pain nor being broke

not even one thought of being dead


I knew when I cast my feet to the floor

I would have an important decision to make:

to focus on what muscles were sore

OR forget about this or that ache


about this body dilapidated and aging

OR remember the larger body of which I’m part

the body of Christ I’m engaging

reaching out, making a new start.


I’d have to decide how I can touch with my hands

the arm of a person who’s feeling hurt -

or desperately lost in sandy badlands

how I can help one stand who’s feeling inert.


Like David, and Caleb crying Lord, Lord, Lord

in their wilderness and sorrow

may my voice join theirs in one accord

“Lord we will seek You today and tomorrow.”


Christ, you command us to answer your call

to follow you, God’s beloved son,

no other road but the one taken by Paul

obey you like he did until we are one.


Won the race, run hard and bold

to clutch the hand and Body of Christ

to reach out each day and take ahold

of the Tree of Life in the Promised Land… we’ve so prized.


Author’s Note:  This poem brings together several threads of my recent thinking and studying: 

  • The story of Joshua and Caleb how they yearned for and with faith and determination sought the Promised Land. Helen and I have been reading aloud and together: by Max Lucado, a book  about the choice we all have, just as do the characters he speaks of in the book (Moses, Joshua, Caleb, etc.) What do we focus on, our problems, troubles and muck or on the Promised Land each day and the future hold for us?

  • How I am a member of the Body of Christ?

  • What is meant by discipleship?

  • What is Christ’s call to me?

  • Is it abstract theological thought and knowledge that really inspire me to discipleship or is it adherence to Christ the living Son, the , who is calling me? ( by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, pp. 58-59)

  • The Introduction to Richard Rohr’s new book: in which he posits that Christ is in all of creation, even in the darkness, sin, and death (the crosses) each of us experience. He is everywhere. 

Written 3-14-19


Flame            Print this poem only

You are the flame

flickering in my heart.

Remain steady

let us never part.

Written 4-12-22

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