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May - August



Charlie            Print this poem only


I know this fellow

who can sit at a cafe table on Elm

glance through the window

at the grizzled old man limping by

and imagine the stories

that made the face creases

and hobbled him.


Ford trucks and dusty back roads

sweaty shrieking children


Written 6-8-10


Fireflies            Print this poem only


Ah! the fireflies are back.

Thought they were threatened

but here they are

flitting, flirting, stirring

me to lighten up.


I can't help myself

a smile creeps

across the stygian swamp

of my brief exile from joy.


The early summer breeze

whispers across the back yard

catching a corner

of my self pity

fluttering the folds of my soul.


The fireflies are back

lighting me up.


Written June 11, 2010


Philodendron            Print this poem only


You could pass Philodendron

trammeling her toes

with your left clodhopper

unaware of her beauty

and the scores of her cousins

who circle the tropics

emerald satellites

of earthiness

caress and quake

in the warm breeze

sensuous dancers

flash their tongues and ruby smiles

wave palms and fingers

soak up every random glint

sighing air and life.

Written June 8, 2010




The little boy in front of me            Print this poem only

The little boy in front of me in church
is squirming
his head darts
what does he see -
the colored banners
big metal circle
oak leaf with flames
gray hairs on the man
a shiny blue dress
feel the breeze on his arms
see his shoes, his sister’s shoes
hear the sound of the birds outside?

The lady standing in front
exhorts - stay in the present
soak it in
feel your feelings
in the Eternal Now.

Sister elbows him
giving her meanest stare
mother’s hand gesture
and frown
tell him
stay still!

I wondered if she heard
the preacher lady’s "now" lesson.

I smile
aching to hug him
kiss the facets of this little gem
praise his attention
to the multiplicity
his swift flight
into the cosmos.

My eyes glisten
in recognition
of the little boy

Written 6-13-10

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